The benefits of children learning multiple languages

The bulk amount of people in the world is now bilingual or multilingual. It has greater benefits in the every segment of our life.In the past, multilingual children were considered to be at a disadvantage compare with their monolingual peers.over the time researchers have interested that how bilingualism interact with and changes the cognitive and neurological systems, as a result of that they identified several clear benefits of being bilingual.

The benefits of being bilingual

The benefits related with bilingual experience seems to start at the very early age. For every child ,language acquisition starts from their home. In this competitive era ,parents should stimulate their children to speak two or more languages to uniquely adopt in this world as well as being bilingual or multilingual has wide range of benefits in our life.

Children can achieve advance socio-emotional and communication skills :Learning one or two languages children can develop their communication skills and they can embrace cultural diversity.Infact,they can cope up easily new environment as well as able to control their emotion in different situations . Research showed that bilingual children's words activation is not limited to a single they can activate the words regardless of the language to which they belong and it is help them to communicate so first.

Bilingual children good at conflict management:

Bilingual children open perform better on tasks than their monolingual peers that offer them to acquire conflict management skill.Bilingual children have ability to ignore competing perceptual information and can focus on the relevant aspects.

Bilingual children also better at switching :

Bilinguals are also better at switching between two tasks .They can select objects by colour or shape so first, indicating better better cognitive control when having to make rapid changes of strategy.

The bilingual listeners' neural response is considerably larger: Bilingual children can imagine word before they hear it completely. Research indicates that bilingual listeners' reflect better encoding of the sound's fundamental frequency, a character of sound closely related to pitch perception.

Learning two or more languages helps children to develop their attention:

when children learn something new they put they are full attention and it helps them to develop their attention span to do new tasks in the future.Bilingual experience may help to keep the cognitive mechanism sharp , research showed.

Bilinguals children can come up with new ideas:

Bilingual children can acquire knowledge about different cultures. so they can get new ideas even they can link up between their ideas so more quickly than monolingual .

Bilingualism offers children to learn new rules:

If parents motivate children to learn new language by giving rewards, children will enjoy this process. So in order to get new reward, children have to adjust and obey new rules, implemented by their parents.Far beyond language,it will bring advantage to navigate a multilingual environment.


Daizy yasmin (Bsc&Msc in child development and social relationship)

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